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What cockatiels like to eat.

A seed diet may not always be the right diet.. Not sure what else to feed your cockatiel, well take a look at all they can eat!

Cockatiels need more then just seeds. A seed diet only lacks the vitamen A that a healthy bird needs.. You want to make sure that you cockatiel has plenty of fresh fruit and vegatable available at all times. If they have been eating a seed diet and you would like to switch them over but they don't want the fresh food all you have to do is let them go 24 hours with out food. After that time period they will eat the fresh food. This will not hurt them and in the long run they will be healthier.

Treats for your tiels.

My cockatiels really enjoy a bowl of unsalted and unbuttered popcorn. Cockatiels can eat just about anything. Some of the more acceptable foods are: broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, lettuce, apple, pear, peach, pinapple, quava, mango, fresh corn and cottage cheese. The things you want to stay away from are: avocodo, chocolate, ice cream, cake, cookies and high fat seeds.

Corn on the cob!

The above picture is a picture of oreo.. He enjoys eating the fresh corn we hang in their cage!

In this area I'll include a list of all the material necessary to perform the tasks I'm describing on this page.